We see more on our knees than most men see from mountains.

Nations at war need mountains moved, now. Public prayer, praise, repentance, and reconciliation move mountains of violence, trauma, poverty, natural disasters, plagues, political gridlocks, and more. Favor regularly mobilizes prayer publicly in cities and regions to stir the heart of a nation toward God.

Favor sponsored some of the regional prayer events in 2005 that God used to end the war in northern Uganda, and to this day we see prayer mobilization move mountains others thought were impossible to move.

Prayer mobilization today takes shape in:

  1. National prayer gatherings we annually (or more) organize in South Sudan,
  2. Overnight prayers attended by a city, and
  3. Regional or national prayer chains coordinating prayer points by unified churches representing many denominations and cities.

From the poor to presidents, from pastors to professionals, from parents to prodigals, nations turn over the years of history, because God found men who would pray and not faint. We “ought always to pray and not to turn coward (faint, lose heart, and give up)”  – Luke 18:1.

We see the Kingdom come every day only because we pray – in unity and corporately – every day. But it takes mass mobilization of sufficient numbers to turn and keep a nation in the covenant God wants to make with her.

Oh how we pray for our nations to be healed and turn back home to the Father’s heart, just as the prodigal son, who came to his senses, and returned to the presence of His father. The harvest is coming in quickly here, and our nets are mended and ready. Let’s stand together for the Lord of the harvest to continue to raise the laborers to send them, as well as the leaders here to go!

First media promotion of Favor occurs on the front page of one of the most important issues ever.

You can provide a week-long national prayer gathering in South Sudan for about $45,000 (77 hours of corporate prayer, each hour led by a different team), or 4 partners giving $1,000 each month for a year would pay for these expenses. Your funds provide venue rental in South Sudan’s central stadium, equipment, tent, and stage rentals, travel, advertising, and prayer mobilization of dozens of churches praying and fasting for 40 days prior. The result will be a nation changed by the hand of God, as He always hears and answers our prayers. Previous meetings have reconciled tribes, healed families, and affected the leadership of the oppressive regime in Sudan further north.

A National Prayer Gathering, Juba, South Sudan

national prayer gathering

“I didn’t come here to sow a seed; I came here to sow my life.”

— Carole Ward

Recent Prayer Mobilization Reports

Current Prayer Mobilization Initiatives

Imminent National Prayer Gathering in Juba, South Sudan!

The churches of South Sudan, government officials, leaders, and the whole nation will pray and fast for God to move in our nation, July 13-18, 11 hrs daily.

Favor organizes and pays for these occasional, massive gatherings that affect the agenda and spiritual climate of the whole nation. Many dozens of organizations and church contribute time, money, and they fast and pray for 40 days leading the national prayer gatherings.

Previous gatherings have encouraged believers, reconciled leaders, changed national events, and they are still bringing heaven to earth today.

Will you help today?

Prayer Mobilization Overview

Prayer is the language of the poor.

And we see Jesus answering His people’s cries for salvation and deliverance. “Blessed are the poor in spirit…” whether we are poor materially or not, the hearts of the people we serve are hungry for truth and righteousness. Our teams prayer for leaders of villages, cities and nations, as we also mobilize the people to pray to God for their own lands.

“So pray to the Lord of the Harvest to force out and thrust laborers into His harvest” – Matt 9:38. He has turned mercenaries into missionaries, prostitutes into preachers, war zones into worship houses, killers into the ‘called’all because of prayer. And what He has done once, He will do again and again, IF…

“If my people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land” – 2 Chronicles 7:14.

His love is unconditional, but His promise for turning and transforming, hearing and healing, forgiveness and favor…is conditional. The condition is IF we pray, and humble, and seek, and turn….THEN He will hear, heal, and forgive.

Prayer is the business of heaven, and it’s also the business of Favor individually and corporately. We pray in our closets, at staff devotions, on the road, at work, in danger and out of danger, in the city and and in “the bush.” Ceaseless conversation with God leads our team to do what we do, including frequent mobilization of communities, regions, and whole nations to pray.


A Word from Favor

“You want God to do the impossible? Put your feet into the impossibility, and watch God divide the water… You watch God do the supernatural, but go step on it. Go step on it.”

— Carole Ward

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