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We see more on our knees than most men see from mountains.

Nations at war need mountains moved. Now. Public prayer, praise, repentance, and reconciliation move mountains of violence, trauma, poverty, natural disasters, plagues, political gridlocks, and more. Favor regularly mobilizes prayer publicly in cities and rural to stir the heart of a nation toward God.

Prayer mobilization simply is the task of organizing and resourcing prayer engagement across Uganda and South Sudan. It varies in what it looks like. Favor seeks to mobilize prayer ranging from training new believers to prayer corporately to large-scale crusades and prayer events. Favor sponsored some of the regional prayer events in 2005 that God used to end the war in northern Uganda, and to this day we see prayer mobilization move mountains others thought were impossible to move. Back then, it was the Holy Spirit to prompt and lead us to organize the War Memorial Stadium Prayer Gathering of 2005 in Gulu, Uganda. Today, it’s still the Holy Spirit prompting us to do the same in South Sudan.

“And He told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart.”– Luke 18:1

How God has used prayer to bring authority in the past has driven the perseverance of our prayer mobilization goals. Presently, we annually organize a national prayer event in South Sudan named, South Sudan Praise, and host overnight prayer gatherings and start prayer chains across these two nations. From the poor to presidents, from pastors to professionals, from parents to prodigals, nations reverse a history of darkness because God made men and women who would pray and not lose heart. With a mass of prayer warriors, Heaven will be here on Earth– unified and synchronized for the Kingdom mission.

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baptism youth

South Sudan 2020   Juba, S. Sudan

Churches of South Sudan, government officials and leaders, along with the whole nation, gathered for this grand prayer event the summer of 2020 to intercede for the nation. From July 13th to 18th, for 11 consistent hours, thousands gathered to pray. The total hours of prayer summed to 77 that spanned across the 5 days.

What would happen if we really prayed? What if abortion stopped, ungodly laws were reversed, prayer was put back in our schools again, lockdowns lifted, gross immorality halted, and peace came to our government? What if families were restored, and hearts had hope again? What of there was purpose and direction in lives instead of instead of aimlessness and suicide? What if there was hope and faith instead of fear? God did these things for Israel, His own people. If He has done this before, why wouldn’t he do it again?


Prayer is the language of the low in spirit.

They’ve shed their blood, and they’ve shed their
They’ve lost their lives, and they’ve lost their
They’ve buried their babies and buried their
They’ve wandered as wasted, forgotten, it seems,
It’s a land that’s barren, ravaged and vast,
With gloom and darkness, fear hangs as a mast,
The ground is unstable, shifting and shaken,
But a people once dead, begin to awaken,
The voice of the Lord shouts through the skies,
“Let those in darkness, begin to arise,
My glory has come, and will rise on the land,
Vengeance and justice, in my right hand,
With mercy and strength, I will blow once again,
And rattle the bones that in graves have been,
The blood crying out, has reached my heart,
With violent passion, I’ll tear heaven apart,
Advancing strong, as a Man of War,
To rescue my people and begin to restore.”
Too long the innocent blood has been poured,
The land must be cleansed by the blood of the

In these vast regions, where the river divides,
Are a tall, dark people, feared far and wide,
The season has come, where they’ve bowed their
For Jesus alone can hear their pleas,
And heal their land, torn and broken with strife,
To come now and mend each ravaged life,
Restoring again, foundations firm,
Where children are born and righteousness learn,
To arise from shame, their destiny calls,
And begin to build the crumbled walls,
From depths of despair and endless trouble,
The Father’s heart, gives joy, even double,
Arise and shine, Oh Warrior man,
For God’s glory has risen across your land
Foundations restored will be stable again,
Laid on righteousness, Truth, not built on men,
Bring your gifts and worship the King,
South Sudan will once again sing!!!

You can provide a week-long national prayer gathering in South Sudan for about $45,000 (77 hours of corporate prayer, each hour led by a different team), or 4 partners giving $1,000 each month for a year would pay for these expenses. Your support can provide: venue costs, equipment, tent and stage rentals, travel, and advertising. These resources allow us to mobilize corporate prayer and fasting among dozens of churches for the 40 day prior to the gathering event, as well as other efforts.

A National Prayer Gathering, Juba, South Sudan

national prayer gathering

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