Ongoing prayer and worship altars sustain the transformation

We see the Kingdom come every day only because we pray – in unity and corporately – every day. The House of Prayer in Gulu, Uganda, is the physical place and ministry team that supports all of Favor’s operations in Uganda, and our House of Prayer in Juba, South Sudan, supports these operations. A third House of Prayer in Yei, South Sudan, is planned for a facility gifted in this southwestern regional hub.

The House of Prayer ministry team fulfills a wide range of community and staff functions:

  • Leads noon hour prayer for the whole city from 12-2 every weekday.
  • Leads evening and event prayer, healing, and teaching services for the community.
  • Provides a neutral ground for guest speakers from near and far to address the body of Christ.
  • Provides a 24/7 prayer and discipleship covering for new believers, especially those leaving the occult or other physical threats.
  • Serves the whole Favor staff with worship and morning devotions every weekday (a requirement for all who are not serving in the field that morning).
  • Launches local outreaches to the hospitals and prisons, and crusades to rural areas prior to Portable Bible Schools.
  • Coordinates pastors’ fellowships, government trainings, and other community unity initiatives.
  • Launches large-scale prayer mobilization events like public all night prayer, National Prayer Gatherings, and more.
  • Develops leaders’ gifts in ministry, from preaching to administration to worship in a corporate anointing serving the front lines daily.

Hundreds Gather Daily

Through these activities and more, hundreds of believers from communities near and far to speak with and hear from God. The Word of God is preached by many different voices, and the community applies the Word together. God frequently brings miracles and answers prayers very specifically. Many people discover Jesus’ love for the first time in these houses of prayer in Gulu and Juba, and more from the outreaches that are operated from them.

You can support a House of Prayer missionary leader for only $400 monthly, or a group of four friends can support a whole worker’s wages for only $100 monthly each! These funds provide the provision for indigenous leaders to serve full-time in the House of Prayer and evening and weekend outreaches. It takes many workers to corporately lead 200+ people in daily prayer, plus the teams that travel for for outreaches and prayer mobilization events. The result will be miracles that bring many to faith in Jesus, new believers discipled, and all of Favor’s ministries (and partners) supplied by the power and favor of God.

House of Prayer, Gulu, Uganda

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“…and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also.”

— The Apostle Paul, 2 Timothy 2:2

Recent House of Prayer Reports

Current House of Prayer Initiatives

Building a New House of Prayer in Gulu, Uganda

We are moving from a rented facility to one owned by the ministry, which will reduce operational expenses and increase the quality of the building for House of Prayer needs. The rented site we have used for 13 years since God ended the war is scheduled to be repurposed by the landlord.

Our dream is to build a 4-story structure, with provision of rooms for multiple printing services, bridals shop, stationary shop, and parking facilities.

Renovating the House of Prayer in Juba, South Sudan

The House of Prayer in Juba was bursting at the seams since it opened in 2018. We are renovating the property, which Favor owns, to increase seating capacity. Temporarily, we are holding services out in the street to accomodate the community’s interest in praying.

Establishing a New House of Prayer in Yei, South Sudan

Because of Favor’s reputation, a government agency donated four compounds to the ministry to expand the reach of our ministries to the whole nation. While we now own the titles to the buildings and assets, the land titles are stuck in South Sudanese law. To expedite the process, and because the compounds are more than we need, Favor is splitting the ownership with other like-minded ministries so that we all together can obtain ownership of the land and begin investing in the local communities.

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House of Prayer Overview

Community Hubs for Empowered Outreach and Sustained Transformation

Ten years of war in Uganda and sixty-six in South Sudan left communities fractured and entangled in corruption and poverty. The activities of our Houses of Prayer (HOP) enable Christian influence to permeate all other aspects of these societies in order to pave the way for restoration and sustainable transformation by grounding entire communities in the truth and values of Christ.

Favor currently operates two Houses of Prayer: one in the heart of Juba, capital of South Sudan, and the other in Gulu, Uganda’s northern seat of power. These Houses serve as convergence points for believers from across all denominations, who gather daily for united prayer and Biblical training. Each House also serves as a site for ongoing trauma counseling and discipleship to restore healthy community foundations.

Along with prayer and teaching, each HOP functions as a community hub for empowered outreach that brings Christian influence to all levels of society from the poorest to the most powerful. Care for the poor is not enough, every level of society must be addressed up to its decision-makers for change to be effective and lasting.

Teams begin in city streets with door-to-door evangelism and spread throughout the region with the good news of the Gospel. Prisoners are reached through regular Bible studies and the provision of basic necessities. In hospitals, teams share the Gospel, pray for the sick and give gifts to patients without means to afford food or sanitation. In government halls, our staff host dinners that serve elected officials through prayer, Bible distribution and training. Local military forces are engaged with the Gospel message through targeted outreach. In addition to all this, our HOP teams annually conduct evangelistic crusades strategically targeting communities and regions with little to no Christian influence.

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A Word from Favor

“You want God to do the impossible? Put your feet into the impossibility, and watch God divide the water… You watch God do the supernatural, but go step on it. Go step on it.”

— Carole Ward

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