Organizing for Jesus’ Kingdom on Earth – that we may be one!

As a non-denominational, Kingdom-focused ministry, Favor effectively supports the reign of Jesus in every sphere of society. Linking government and religious leaders under one Lord is essential. It takes the whole culture of a nation to reap and keep the harvest. Jesus is coming to rule communities and nations in addition to individuals and families.

Favor serves God’s leaders in government, the church, business, education, and beyond, bringing them together to advance the common causes of Christ in their cities. This unity of key leaders in the cultural mountains is not an accessory to missions but is an essential core of the Biblical mandate from Genesis to Revelation, including Matthew 28 and John 17.

Organizing for genuine community takes many forms, but can include:

  • Fellowship and prayer dinners for pastors (Pastors praying and planning with purpose!)
  • Government dinners and training workshops
  • Tribal reconciliation meetings and joint trauma counseling
  • Community educational conferences on Biblical practical living topics from health to marriage
  • Special community relief projects and economic empowerment coordinated among diverse stakeholders
  • Portable Bible School graduations and new church building dedications that involve diverse local leadership in a common cause of leadership development and the proliferation of the Gospel
  • National and regional prayer gatherings, where forgiveness and repentance among leaders is a common essential ingredient to stirring the Father’s heart.

Favor’s tremendous reputation for loving those we serve over the long haul earns the trust of leaders of all levels seek prayer. the counsel of our staff, and to provide authorization for us to minister anywhere.

“…that they all may be one. Just as You, Father, are in Me and I am in You, so also may they be one in Us, so the world may believe that You sent Me.” – Jesus, John 17:21 TLV

Though much community organizing happens in the midst of regular ministry. Favor funds many events regularly to advance heavenly agenda in the hearts of leaders who wouldn’t otherwise unite. You can support a unity event for only $30 monthly over the course of a year, or a group of four friends can support one every quarter for the same amount! The result will be leaders assembling nets large enough to capture and mature the harvest that is ready and ripe throughout their cities and villages.

Favor executive team with the Vice President of South Sudan


“They wanted to cross the water, so what did they do? They cried to Moses, and Moses cried to God. God said, ‘Raise the rod.’ What happened? The waters parted. They walked on dry ground. But now when Israel was ready to take the Promised Land of Canaan, did God say to Joshua to raise the rod? What did He say? ‘Put your feet in the water!’ It was a different tactic. You better hear God for every battle. The first battle it was ‘Raise the rod.’ The second battle, ‘Put your feet in the middle of opposition, and I will give you the land of Canaan.'”

— Carole Ward

Recent Community Unity Reports

Current Community Unity Initiatives

Connecting Networks of Pastors to Steward New Church Construction

First media promotion of Favor occurs on the front page of one of the most important issues ever.

The nations of Uganda and South Sudan know that Favor seeks to build 1,000 new physical church buildings in each country to advance the Gospel, end war, and build healthy communities. We are in regular communication with pastors and networks to identify the highest-priority locations and congregations for these new structures.

Favor then trains these congregations in the standards required to receive a grant and begin contributing supplies for construction.

Pictured left is the leadership of a congregation in South Sudan asking Favor for help to upgrade their meeting facility (which is the unwalled structure you see here). Meetings like this are happening more than weekly.

Will you help today?

Community Unity Overview

How to Create and Sustain Regional Transformation

Ten years of war in Uganda and sixty-six in South Sudan left communities fractured and entangled in corruption and poverty. Trust among leaders, tribes, cultural institutions (like church and state), and even within organizations and local villages was frayed.

Nations don’t operate along Biblical patterns even when millions of people come to trust Jesus with their lives – if the leaders of power structures aren’t praying and unified themselves with God’s agenda for their offices and regions.

Favor provides the necessary platform for leaders to meet, pray, work, learn, and fellowship together across communities, cities, and regions. This work is imperative for the proliferation of the Gospel and for the Word of God to become operative in daily, practical life.

The war in Uganda was won by God through prayer, unity of the church and state under Jesus, and community organizing (fellowship, reconciliation, and relational government for the Kingdom in opposition to demonic structures that had previously reigned). Small groups of diverse leaders united in Christ regularly transform and sustain transformation in their areas of influence. Community unity activities created the change and sustained it.

Favor has an impeccable and authoritative track record of selflessly serving and training the leaders of the land to align with God’s heart. Leaders trust Favor, who hosts them to trust one another.

community unity military

A Word from Favor

“You want God to do the impossible? Put your feet into the impossibility, and watch God divide the water… You watch God do the supernatural, but go step on it. Go step on it.”

— Carole Ward

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