Only God can turn the victims of war into the instruments of revival.

Favor’s Trauma Counseling ministry began during the war with the LRA in northern Uganda and post-war recovery to see God bring healing and hope. Though thoroughly biblical in curriculum and implementation, the healing and services we offer traumatized communities are not always presented as a “religious” function, but as a two-week process that works.

During the time spent with our team in trauma counseling, participants learn about the love of Jesus demonstrated for them on the cross, and receive His forgiveness, prayer, and more emotional healing with the whole group. People learn to extend forgiveness and be emotionally healthy people to their families and other relations.

The original Trauma Counseling curriculum we use was written by believing Christian psychologists from Australia, was peer reviewed through publications at Boston University, and for many years has been adapted and contextualized for the many people groups we serve throughout South Sudan and Uganda.

Favor has discovered an immense demand and need for trauma counseling, as the whole nation from top to bottom has experienced brutal oppression and injustice in generations of civil war. We are working at great speed to bring trauma counseling not only into the towns, hosting reconciliation meetings between tribes, and into the rural villages that continue to raid one another, but we are bring “TC” into the South Sudanese military units throughout the young nation.

“Please bring your trauma counseling. We’re all traumatized in South Sudan… I’m traumatized.”

– Minister of the Interior for South Sudan

You can support a trauma counseling project for one village with a one-time gift of $2,000, or two people could give $85 monthly to support a whole TC project in only one year! The result will be individuals and families receiving God’s forgiveness, receiving new life in Christ, and extending emotionally healthy relationships for generations to come.

Trauma Counseling Meeting


“You want God to do the impossible? Put your feet into the impossibility, and watch God divide the water… You watch God do the supernatural, but go step on it. Go step on it.”

— Carole Ward

About Favor’s Trauma Counseling

Many communities in Uganda and South Sudan possess deep, unresolved emotional wounds. Our trauma counseling program focuses on people who have experienced highly stressful life events. Every person has a story of tragedy and fear. War has been a constant reality for numerous decades. 66,000 children in Northern Uganda alone were abducted and brainwashed into combatants and sexual slaves. Most people, in both countries, have had relatives murdered or maimed often right before their eyes. Many have been forced to kill or be killed. Due to the constant instability, millions of individuals were placed in camps, where many died due to horrific conditions.

These experiences have left individuals with behavioral symptoms indicative of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and has made reintegration into communities difficult. Many extend their behavior into the community which in turn perpetuates trauma with the family and community. Our trauma program provides counselors who have intensive training to provide care and experience breaking the ongoing cycle of hurt, anger and retribution.

Our program has two parts. The first section focuses on developing emotional strength, and the second teaches about forgiveness. Throughout the program the counselors teach people how to connect to one another and counter stress with positive activity. In addition, stories and sharing time help the participants understand pain and trauma from another perspective while giving them the opportunity to discuss the events they’ve experienced.

Trauma counseling is important for these people to find healing, gain strength, develop skills to become successful in life, and it teaches them about forgiveness and Jesus, the one who suffered deeply and also forgave. Once the people have completed the trauma counseling, they are often ready and eager to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. In many communities, this work precedes a 2-month long Portable Bible School to train and disciple.

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“You want God to do the impossible? Put your feet into the impossibility, and watch God divide the water… You watch God do the supernatural, but go step on it. Go step on it.”

— Carole Ward

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