Multiplying and accelerating Kingdom leaders in real battlegrounds

Favor’s Portable Bible Schools mobilize new disciple makers in spiritual and physical war zones. Hungry for the Word and training, these emerging leaders come from hidden corners for the two-month theological education Favor brings to rural villages, always moving further outward into the unreached tribes. This ministry helps tens of thousands overcome spiritual maturity barriers by the Holy Spirit and the Word.

Each bootcamp trains participants to live Biblically in Jesus’s Kingdom and multiply disciples in their context. Taught by indigenous leaders to multiply and accelerate new leaders, each Portable Bible School (PBS) rejuvenates lifestyles around the Word and instills a love for the One behind the words, the living Word of God, Jesus Himself.

During the PBS at least two Favor trainers live with the community they are training, often far from cities and their families. Traveling experts on special topics ranging from marital counseling to health and hygiene rotate among the PBS sites, which Favor coordinates in waves of 40+ communities at a time. Each PBS training site requires months of preparation and registration and more months of follow up with community revitalization component ministries like women’s empowerment and trauma counseling, or the construction of new physical churches.

This education, offered for free to all who make the commitment to put the whole Word of God into practice, covers the essential theological training anyone would need to serve as a pastor, teacher, or other function of the body of Christ in their sphere of influence.

Most importantly, each of the tens of thousands of African leaders we graduate through PBSs leave with the Holy Spirit, the means to continually learn from God throughout their walks, leave with a physical Bible in their heart language, and have the training to make disciples and start or rejuvenate healthy congregations of people following Jesus together.

What You Can Do

You can support a whole Portable Bible School with a one-time gift of $3,000, or two people can give $125 monthly to support a whole PBS in only one year! These funds pay for trainer wages, travel, curriculum and Bible distribution, and one meal a day for 100 students. It takes Favor two months to complete a PBS, plus the many months before and after for the whole process to work. The result will be an entire community revitalized around the Word of God put into practice and leaders multiplied to make disciples for countless generations.

Portable Bible School graduation pbs

“How beautiful are your feet when you’ve been taking the Gospel. There’s a time to wash your feet, and there’s a time to put your feet on the head and on the neck of opposition.”

— Carole Ward

Recent PBS Statistics

Each PBS results in 60-180 (average 100+) graduates, and many immediate lives saved from students exercising lifestyles of evangelism and discipleship during training. The fruit these leaders reproduce is incalculable, and Favor has graduated tens of thousands of them in 16 years. We are now graduating 18000+ trained Kingdom leaders per year. With your support in 2020, we will disciple over 20,000 indigenous laborers for the harvest in difficult places ripe for Jesus. Your support will also fund the training of new PBS trainers in 2020, who will continue to serve the Lord through Favor for many years to disciple whole communities who make disciples.

Recent Combined Portable Bible School Statistics

MonthPBS HighlightUgandaSouth Sudan
Feb 2020# of leaders training (in a Portable Bible School currently)16763758
Feb 2020# of new salvations (from evangelism to nearby population)189259
Mar 2020# of leaders training 14164667
Mar 2020# of new salvations5606,351

Total PBS participation as of March 2020: 115 trainers equipping 6,083 missionary leaders in 47 PBS sites.

# of new salvations from in-session local evangelism: 7,359 new family members in Christ as of March 2020.

Portable Bible Schools

PBSs bring Christ into the community by well-trained native leaders. These bootcamps provide two months of training on evangelism, discipleship, holy living, church leadership, raising Godly families, the power of prayer, forgiveness, and character building. Salvation and spiritual growth come from knowing God as Father, Jesus as Savior, and the Holy Spirit as teacher. The curriculum equips indigenous leaders to transform their own communities. This is the great multiplier effect whereby indigenous leaders establish churches in their villages. Each school has an average enrollment of 100 students, who graduate to bring the whole Word of God back to their families and villages.

The desire to know God and to serve Him is great. People are responding to dedicate their lives to ministry and transform their nation. In addition to the training, students are taught door-to-door evangelism and participate in our three-day crusades and Bible distribution. Indigenous leaders who know the culture and languages are powerfully effective in spreading the Gospel and transforming lives and communities, resulting in church planting and communities revitalized around the Word of God believed and practiced.

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Recent PBS Reports

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Graduations are publicly honored by regional government and religious leaders

Portable Bible School graduation pbs
Portable Bible School graduation

A Word from Favor

“You want God to do the impossible? Put your feet into the impossibility, and watch God divide the water… You watch God do the supernatural, but go step on it. Go step on it.”

— Carole Ward

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