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God revitalizes whole communities when we apply His Word holistically.

Twenty-five years of war in northern Uganda and sixty years in South Sudan have torn apart the social fabric of generations. Communities now in war or postwar are often missing a healthy church, an educational system, and an economic structure. Favor’s model of community revitalization has been informed by almost 20 years of work and recognizes the church and the Word of God as the center of sustainable, ongoing community development. This has become our bread and butter!

Our model functions as a mobile vehicle that we replicate to each village we arrive at. Over the past 20 years, we have fashioned this model to be mobile, accessible, and transferable across Uganda and South Sudan. Each village presents their own set of obstacles ranging from unique dialects, customs, and history. Therefore the model works as an independent arm of the ministry that carries the bulk of our Gospel mission. It’s trench warfare! Our Community Revitalization model is where the frontlines are –where the rubber meets the road. 

Over the years, Favor has encountered much witchcraft and occult practices. The staff received a call one day from a village, named Anaka, a few hours away that was experiencing demonic terrors. Anaka leaders had heard of the great things God had been doing through Favor, so they asked, “Can your God help us?”. In response, we sent teams of new leaders that had been raised up from within Favor. Team after team after team were sent out 2-by-2 like Jesus did with the disciples to meet each need of the village tearing down the darkness the enemy had veiled over them. After a few weeks, hundreds of villagers gave their life to Jesus, demons were exercised, new believers were trained in a Portable Bible School. The incredible thing is that after months of revival and continued training, another village far off called and reported similar accounts of demonic terror in their village. Favor staff saw the opportunity for the new Anaka believers by sending them to care and minister to that community. After a few weeks, we got reports of the Anaka believers bringing revival to this new village.

 Jesus teaches us to always replicate ourselves. Like the Anaka village, Favor wants to empower the humble hands of each community to then share and teach the next community. Everyone participates in the beautiful mission of God. Because of this in mind, community revitalization must include each of these following phases: 

After much prayer and fasting has tilled the ground up ahead, we first must make contact through an individual or special opportunity. We initiate by developing relationships with village leaders and gaining their support. Once we have accomplished that, we begin! A trained staff team will come for a 3-day Outreach. Believe us when we say, it’s an exciting experience. Revival is busting out of the seams in Uganda and South Sudan during these outreaches. But, once these new believers commit to a life with Christ, the work is not over. This leads to a significant turning point for the village. A Portable Bible School (PBS) team arrives to develop the education of biblical truths and life skills for 2 months. After this point, ministry staff begins to evaluate what the community needs in order to plant a Church. We raise up pastors and church leaders before we can begin organizing and resourcing for church construction. Finally, custom components (i.e. trauma counseling, medical clinic outreaches, business projects for village revenue, women empowerment) are grafted in. Even as we arrive to these last steps, we know that work is never really done. As Favor has grown, we have built bible schools and other forms of ways to further train and provide useful resources to all the people of Uganda and South Sudan.

After just a few years of Favor, Carole reported, “In amazement, I watched change come to this seemingly forsaken nation, not through armies nor guns, but through saving, restoring, and renewing one heart at a time.” Community revitalization is important to us because we desire nothing less than a transformed life surrendered to Jesus. We could fill each stomach. We could build beautiful buildings. We could even pass out thousands of bibles, but if not one heart is baptized in the love of Christ, then we have not accomplished what we came to do. We can and will meet as many needs as we are capable of, but our mission field isn’t Uganda’s economy nor poor health systems, but the hearts of Ugandans.

As we have continued to replicate this model across Uganda and South Sudan, the Portable Bible School graduations are celebrated prominently by local government and religious leaders. With a new group of trained leaders and with coordination from Favor’s team, these new disciple-makers can strengthen the life of existing congregations or plant a new church.Here lies the beauty of always replacing oneself to see the following generations take up the torch in the Kingdom mission.

We are thorough in our approach to each community. Each time we begin to revitalize through the power of the Holy Spirit, we consider the unique characteristics of each village to ensure we serve to the specific needs of the people. How we teach in our PBSs and what programs we implement into the community are just some ways we try to customize to each village. Each educational and empowerment projects are customized to each community, planned, and implemented. Other common project components are a women’s empowerment project, Bible-based adult literacy, or constructing a new church building.

As the training nears completion, construction of a church in the village gives the community a hub for ongoing spiritual, health, and economic development including literacy training and its resources and materials. The church structure also provides a site for mobile medical clinics conducted by visiting doctors. If the village lacks necessary amenities, such as access to clean water, Favor makes connections for resourcing and infrastructure. Once the church building is complete, ongoing mentoring continues for at least one year to guide and sustain community development. We can’t over emphasize the impact of a church building that we see in each village we reach. It gives a literal concrete symbol of faith reassuring the people of what God has done.

You can support a whole one-year community revitalization with a one-time gift of $9,000, or five people can give $150 monthly to support a whole revitalization project! These funds pay for trainer wages, travel, curriculum and Bible distribution, and meals for 100 participants during the Portable Bible School and Trauma Counseling. You will transform an entire community by applying the Word of God and multiplying leaders to make disciples for countless generations!

Community Revitalization Component Cost Breakdown


Favor runs the two-month Portable Bible School in every community we reach, plus 2-3 additional education and empowerment components, depending on the villages’ needs and particular aptitudes for fruitfulness:
Portable Bible School & Church Plant (Required)
Adult Bible-Based Literacy* $2,000
Church Construction* $3,000
Comm. Health Education & Evangelism* $2,000
Mobile Medical Clinic* $2,000
Trauma Counseling* $2,000
Village Learning Center* $4,000
Women’s Empowerment* $3,000
*These variable components are added for a total of approx. $9,000 per community, depending on their unique needs.

Every community we serve receives a two-month portable Bible school.

Favor’s Portable Bible Schools mobilize new disciple makers in spiritual and physical war zones. Each bootcamp trains participants to live Biblically in Jesus’s Kingdom and multiply disciples in their context.

The Gospel of Jesus is advancing in the transformed lives of entire communities along the Nile River, into areas formerly ruled by witchcraft, Islam, and darkness. Favor’s Community Revitalization ministry is the bread and butter of sustainable national transformation of communities and culture throughout this region.

A large portion of Favor’s 230 national missionaries conduct this community revitalization process in over 100 communities per year, training over 10,000 new national disciple-makers annually in Portable Bible Schools and transforming the lives of entire communities around the principles of God’s Word.

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“God will not be mocked. Those who sow the Kingdom will reap the Kingdom.”

— Carole Ward

2020 Plan for Community Revitalization Expansion

In 2019, Favor implemented three waves of community revitalization in 30 villages (20 in S. Sudan and 10 in Uganda, per wave, for an annual total of 90+ communities reached). In 2020, Favor plans to add trainers and equipment to provide revitalization to 120 communities by adding a fourth wave of 30 villages to the calendar. This expansion will be proportional, adding 20 additional communities in S. Sudan and 10 in Uganda. The budget includes staff, equipment, food, and transportation costs. We purposely seek out Unengaged Unreached People Groups (UUPGs) as prospective locations because that is the heart of God.

Allocation Monthly Total Results Cost Per Unit
50% $22,500 $270,000 30 Communities revitalized $9,000 per Community
15% $6,750 $81,000 70 Trainers trained and tooled $1,150 per Trainer
5% $2,250 $27,000 7 Motorbikes purchased $3,850 per Motorbike
30% $13,500 $162,000 1 S. Sudan Training Campus built N/A

Favor is raising the $540,000 outlined above to revitalize 30 additional communities with the Gospel, leadership, and education, plus permanently increasing our capacity to serve 120+ communities annually (we served 97 last year).

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A Word from Favor

“You want God to do the impossible? Put your feet into the impossibility, and watch God divide the water… You watch God do the supernatural, but go step on it. Go step on it.”

— Carole Ward

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