Timeline Demonstration

Timeline Demonstration

Timeline Demonstration

History of Favor

May 26 2020

Management Team Leadership Established

An organizational structure was introduced at Favor that raises indigenous leaders at the staff management and board of directors levels. Team Training in Organizational Infrastructure Development
March 4 2020

Groundbreaking for New Favour Primary School

After 12 years of renting and growing, the Favoru Primary School is now being built on its own land outside of Gulu. This new build will lower costs and legally increase the capacity of the school to serve more students and server the whole city as a testing center.
February 9 2020

First Portable Bible School in Ethiopia

Among the Dima tribe, new leaders in new lands and languages are trained to carry the Gospel with their whole lives.
November 17 2019

Gulu Institute for Transformation Started

…out of rented houses for raising up Uganda’s next leaders from among the former street kids who are coming to Jesus by the hundreds.
September 25 2019

Destiny Youth Revival Started

462 Street Kids reached, 263 salvations, 210 Baptized, 210 Bibles given, 150 in Feeding program started. In the following months, hundreds more would turn their lives to Jesus and grow in a new lifestyle and identity in Christ. The mayor of Gulu reported an 80% decrease in crime in the city of Gulu by December 2019.
March 17 2019

National Prayer Gathering in Juba, S. Sudan

…Sees the Islam-enforcing president of Sudan ousted by military coup the following month, besides many other positive results. First media promotion of Favor occurs on the front page of one of the most important issues ever.
January 31 2019

70 New PBS Teachers Trained Simultaneously

…Through Train the Trainers program. For the first time, Favor prepared enough teachers to operate 10 portable Bibles schools per country simultaneously.
December 31 2018

Record Attendance at House of Prayer

Waves of revival bring regular crowds of 400 people daily throughout 2018 from 12-2pm and evening services, from all denominations, to seek God in prayer and worship.
December 31 2017

80,000th Bible Distributed

…Prayerfully and relationally since 2004.
October 2 2017

New Juba Offices Purchased

Favor’s first owned complex that fully houses the Juba House of Prayer, Favour FM radio station, guest house, and administrative offices.
September 18 2017

South Sudanese Refugee Crusade

…Sees 1,700 new believers saved while in Adjumani, Uganda. Many will go through Favor’s 2-month Portable Bible School and will return to their diverse homelands with this training.
July 11 2017

First ICM Church Construction in South Sudan

…On Dokabur Island.
May 10 2016

Bible-Based Adult Literacy Begins

…With 82 church leaders.
January 24 2016

First Church Building Constructed

…With the Pupwonya congregation in Atiak, Uganda. This building is the first of a vision to build new church buildings with quality, prayer, and local support – 1,000 each in Uganda and South Sudan.
August 19 2015

South Sudan Radio Licenses Obtained

…along with essential radio equipment donated and transported to Juba to set up Favour FM 24/7 Kingdom broadcasting in Juba, the capital of South Sudan.
August 1 2015

First House/Office Purchased in South Sudan

Radio station, Guest House, Favor Offices in Gudelle, Juba
July 7 2015

Juba National Prayer Gathering

Repentance, Restoration, Renewal, Revival
July 1 2015

Birth of Women’s Empowerment

Program -First project started: piggeries
June 30 2014

Favor Officially Opens in South Sudan

God opened “Favour Africa” in Juba and acquired 3 large plots of land for future ministry projects.
December 12 2013

Gulu District Local Government Awards Favor

…with a Certificate of Appreciation. Earlier in the year, the government signed an MOU between the city and Favor for continuing partnership in achieving shared goals.
November 3 2013

Favour FM Goes on Air

God’s “air force” for the Gospel goes live after years of prayer and preparation. With donated equipment, consultation, and many vendors assisting, the Gospel and Christian teaching, prayer, news, and education have been available 24/7 to Ugandans throughout the city of Gulu, and beyond as our equipment improved. Favour FM was registered as a company on Sept. 1, 2013.
June 14 2012

Rumbek Miracle Crusade, South Sudan

…with Ray Hannah.
January 15 2012

Wau Crusade Reaches Millions

A Favor-mobilized crusade with Ray Hannah in Wau, the “Muslim capital” of South Sudan, reaches over 1.2 million people on its largest day, plus more of the six other days of preaching and healing.

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