Emotional Healing


Emotional Healing

5 Jan

Portable Bible School in Prison

At our PBS graduation in Yei prison center today, 3 women and 42 men came to know about Christ. The graduation was attended by the commissioner of South Sudan Police!


19 Jun

I Want the Little Children to Come to Me

Hundreds of little girls like these, who once were truly lost and destined for lives of excruciating pain and/or demoralizing humiliation, now have been found.


21 Dec

Newsletter – Dec ’19

GIFT Home Project God is raising radical youth from the streets — out of sin, poverty, death, crime, prostitution, and rejection, and bringing them into heart changing revival, to be changers of nations in their generation!These are the youth that will inhabit the GIFT Home!     GIFT HOME PROJECT favor_gift home, project proposalClick Here […]


11 Dec

Trauma Counseling Heals a Former Warrior

The conflict in South Sudan has wreaked terrible pain on the citizens. Both the perpetrators and the victims of the war have been left with deep emotional scars. One tribal warrior did things that left a permanent anxiety in his mind. He thought that God could never forgive him. After participating in Favor’s Trauma Counseling, […]


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